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COMWELL is a professional conveyor belt manufacturer,which is engaged in the development of conveyor belt and related products, production application, and marketing. And with the ability of technical guidance and technical services during the process of conveyor belt project.

Our company is located in the suburb of Zhangze New Industrial Zone in Changzhi. With total investment of 56 million yuan, and annual production value of 200 million Yuan. At present, the main products of our company include flame-retardant steel cord conveyor belt, PVC conveyor belt, General flame-retardant EP conveyor belt, pipe conveyor belt, heat-resistant conveyor belt, cold-resistant conveyor belt and special conveyor belts, which can meet ISO,DIN, EN, AS, SAN international and domestic standards.




   ★2015.12    Obtain pipe conveyor belt order from Germany. 

   2015.11    Obtain first PVC order from South Africa. 

   ★2015.05     Obtain the first order from Deutsche Bahn. 

   2015.05    Obtain the export qualification.

   ★2015.03    27KM of Taiwanese-invested enterprise went into production.

   ★2014.12    ST7500 passed joint testing of authority.

   ★2014.06    ST160010KM project in Thailand went into production.

   ★2014.04    Elevator belt passed the testing of Hannover University in Germany.

   ★2014.04    The most advanced steel cord conveyor belt commissioning.

   ★2011.04    PVC production line running.


Address:No.6 Jiankang Road,Zhangze New Industrial Zone,Changzhi,Shanxi,China
Tel:+86 355 2071802    Fax: +86 355 2071802