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fengqiang.pngDear friends,we appreciate your support to COMWELL CONVEYOR BELT CO., LTD. It has been our goal for many years to found a quality conveyor belt manufacture. Presently, so many negative phenomena, such as the quality can’t meet the standards, products are different from the samples, service and order disconnected, manufacturers are in the name of proprietary technology to block information from the purchasers, so many disadvantages to damage customers’ interests.

COMWELL CONVEYOR BELT CO., LTD, which relying on German technology and experienced group,proposed T+S transparent service mode, which refers to the publicity of purchasing, producing, quality control, cost, and profit. We also provide free assessment of pre-sales, sales, after-sales, and free training conveyor belt technicians and so on. This mode have good evaluation by our customers, and it’s an important point for our company to get so much reliance from the domestic customers and foreign customers.

With the conviction of quality is the core of enterprise, service is bond of company and customers , transparent service mode is the basic of building trust. Dear friends, let’s struggle for the promotion of overall level of China's conveyor belt industry.


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