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After-sales team implement German DIN standards system, in the training and supporting by the leading experts in Germany, German NILOS company and other famous high strength conveyor belt joint technology leading companies around the world.  Never stop studying, absorbing of the joint standard and technical advantages from China, the United States, Australia, Russia and other countries. Combined with years of conveyor belt joint experiences, summarized a set of complete joint technical standard and practical operation specification.

Using the joint method of CST133 and TST31,implement DIN standards and through our elaborate joint operation and technical control,the static joint tensile strength of the steel cord conveyor belt can reach the nominal strength of 100% commitment, the steel cord conveyor belt can achieve equal service life with conveyor belt.

At the same time we are closely examining the dynamic property of the conveyer belt joint with the experts from Hannover University in Germany,hoping to get a more powerful safeguard data from the dynamic performance of the steel cord conveyor belt joint.

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