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Employing Concept:

Talents are before making enterprise. Cultivating talents is the core of our company development. In order to cultivate the staff of "having both ability and political integrity", the company committed integrity and fairness as the enterprise culture, making efforts to create a good cultural atmosphere for employees. Creating a show ego platform For employees , bringing out the potentials of the employees. At the same time of achieving enterprise, we supply the opportunity for the employees to realize their personal value.


Talents Concept:

Talent is a precious resource of enterprise development,the company employees are available .Company organize various training, increasing the staff knowledge , improving staff skills, creating more opportunities to show their talent. From which,we find talents, and  reserve talents.


Human Resource Objectives:

After years of struggling, we achieved good economic and social benefits, the development of enterprise depends on the cultivation of the talent, the company human resource development goal is to develop high quality, high capacity, high competitiveness "three highs" talents for company, helping employees to find suitable jobs and Plan their careers.


Education & Training:

Our company provide a broad learning platform for the staffs, attaches great importance to staff training, actively carry out food safety, fire safety, job skills training, enterprise culture, etc. Our company also hired a senior lecturer to carry out professional training, special training for the staffs. At the same time, our company actively organize personnel to participate in external training, such as human resources, marketing management, etc

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